Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hail Britannia! Lots of Great Places to Buy WORLD'S COOLEST MOVIE STAR: THE COMPLETE 95 FILMS (AND LEGEND) OF JEAN GABIN in the United Kingdom!

Here's a photo of Gabin bumming a light off of the great British actor/director Sir Richard Attenborough (he's on the left), circa 1960.

And speaking of Britain, if you're in the UK and you've been trying to buy a copy of WORLD'S COOLEST MOVIE STAR: THE COMPLETE 95 FILMS (AND LEGEND) OF JEAN GABIN, VOLUME ONE AND VOLUME TWO, you might be having a bit of trouble making your purchase from British Amazon.com -- aka, Amazon.co.uk.

From time to time (or as the French say, "en ce temps-la") Amazon UK lists the title as being "temporarily out of stock." This is great, because it means that people are ordering it. In fact, the special 'magic trick' when it comes to ordering from Amazon is: If you order a copy of the book from Amazon.co.uk, even though the book is listed as being 'out-of-stock,' Amazon automatically lists it as being "in stock" again!

Anyway -- besides Amazon, there are 9 additional on-line stores in the UK that are selling WORLD'S COOLEST MOVIE STAR, and here's the list -- and this list, like everything else in the world, is subject to change:


If you run into any problems ordering the book from Amazon.fr (France) and Amazon.de (Germany), you might want to try the above UK options out, because all European copies of WORLD'S COOLEST MOVIE STAR are printed in Great Britain, anyway.


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