Saturday, November 22, 2008

Los Angeles-Area Restaurant Offered a Jean Gabin Menu in 2002.

In 2002, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) held a twelve-film Jean Gabin retrospective. At that time, there was a French restaurant across the street from the Museum called the Brasserie des Artistes.

In conjunction with the festival, the Brasserie featured a special, "limited time" Gabin Menu featuring Gabin's favorite foods, wherein you could bring your ticket stub from the LACMA festival over to the restaurant, enjoy the meals that Jean Gabin loved best, and get $2 off your dinner check -- just by presenting a special handbill/flyer that was given out at the Museum.

I wanted to post the Brasserie's menu on this blogsite about a month ago, when I wrote the entry about Gabin's favorite foods, but I didn't have a copy, and I was frustrated over the fact that I hadn't kept the copy I used to have. But my friend Lawrence Peck, whom I've known since first grade (!), did manage to keep a copy. He sent it to me this week, and here it is! (You can click on the menu to enlarge it.) If the menu selections sound familiar to you they should, because about a month ago, I posted a blog about 'Gabin's Favorite Foods' (I asked the Gabin Museum's Corinne Marchal to list them for me) and this is essentially the same list.

PS -- Don't try to go to the Brasserie des Artistes to enjoy your Gabin Meal, though; the restaurant shut its doors a couple of years ago.

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