Sunday, May 25, 2008


By Charles Zigman.

It was an historic day in Paris, on Saturday, May 17, 2008:

On that date, which would have been Jean Gabin's 104th birthday, family and friends of the great screen icon gathered in Montmartre at 11:30am, where a previously unnamed town square was christened as the "Place Jean Gabin."

Since I'm in Los Angeles, I was not present at the event. But Corinne Marchal from the Musee Gabin in Meriel emailed me some photographs from the big event, and so did my good friends, Laurence Bardet and Jean-Paul Danton.

In the photos, you will see Gabin's daughter Florence and son Mathias (with his white hair, he's a doppelganger for his father!), as well as Mathias' son, Alexis (dark hair, with cigarette), and some other famous faces.

When in Montmartre, visit the Place Jean Gabin. It's near the rue Lambert and the rue Custine, and it's west of the Sacre-Coeur cathedral.

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